They're really pretty

I've always been fascinated by stars, and a recent camping trip was the perfect opportunity to try to take pictures of them. A few friends and I went to gaze at the sky near a lake at around midnight. The only sound was the chirping of the crickets, and the only light was from the stars.

All the photos in this post were taken at Little Kachess Lake, the map above shows its precise location.


The bright band of stars cutting diagonally across the sky is the Milky Way

I was really surprised to see the orange colors on the horizon. Keep in mind that all these photos were taken at 12-3am, so you could quite literally see nothing except the stars, with the more orange colors only coming out during long exposure shots.

Longer Exposure

... Makes the picture blurrier


There was no light at all except from the sky, so the mountains were just a dark silhouette


The sky makes me feel small and insignificant


We thought it'd be cool to shine lasers during a long exposure photo

If you're wondering how these photos were taken, here's my setup for this shoot:

Most of the photos were taken with maximum ISO, and 30-60 second exposure.