Las Vegas

Actually mostly the stuff outside of vegas


Because I'm usually the one with the camera, I have to make do with photos that I take of myself

Burned Down Hotel

We found this abandoned building in the middle of Death Valley


The rays of light are like laser beams tbh

Badwater at Night

I really like the contrast between the mountains and the sky

More Mountains and Sky

I lack creativity so here's a photo that is basically the same as the previous one

Wolf Guy

He was just walkin' near the side of the road

Entering a State Park

... A view from the car


Nothing special, just a bunny

Imposing Mountains

Ignore that little scrap of humanity in the bottom right...

Broken Farm Thing

This I think was used for farming at one point maybe?


This picture has EVERYTHING!

Mountain and Trees

... And a little pond


So many parallel lines!

A Water Pump

Looks like he's got life figured out


"You came to the wroooong neighborhood" - Mountains