A beautiful time of year

Autumn is probably my favorite time of year, because the climate suits me, and there's lots to take pictures of. The smell of a wet forest is also pretty much the best smell in the world. I go on walks on a trail near my house often, and these are some pictures I took on one of my walks.


All part of a cycle

Teeny Pinecones

Probably from a teeny tree


It's surprising I even noticed it

Majestic Tree

Tall and golden


This picture turned out super nice


If you look closely, you can see a spider hiding under the leaf


There's a whole world hiding under the leaves


A hint of summer
While to most autumn probably represents death and stagnation (I admit, it is cold and quiet), to me it's a great time to reflect and notice smaller, less obvious things. Like that slug, or spider, or those pinecones. They are tucked away where most won't find them, but also are just as interesting as a sunset or a mountain. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed these pictures!